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Expectations Of Knowing All The Answers As A Doctor

I was speaking to a friend recently who works with a lot of doctors, and one of the biggest problems that she is frequently hearing, is that doctors are not quite sure about “adult” concepts such as taxes, accounting, and the best way to bill their patients.

They’re often in a really difficult situation because they feel that as a doctor, they should know. That as a doctor, they are the person who should know the answer.

That as a doctor, they feel like they already know it (but in reality, they don’t).

As a result, they’re often too embarrassed to ask about these topics, especially from those who have the expertise or knowledge.

So, what do you do in this situation?

You need to put yourself out there and admit the fact that you don’t know and need help.

Many people and doctors struggle with this. It puts you in a situation where you have to do one of three things: join a group of people who you may or may not trust; approach someone you trust; or find a means to ask in an anonymous way.

I feel like there’s a lot of gaps between the support doctors need and the help they can get. I’m curious to hear about how other doctors feel when you don’t know about accounting, or some other “adult” concept.

What is it that stops you from seeking the help?

Is it that the accounting specialist is too expensive? Is it because you don’t know who to ask? Is it because you can’t trust the advice from strangers? Is it because you don’t want to look like you “don’t know” because it should be an obvious thing for doctors?

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Tomasz Forfa

Tomasz Forfa

Dr Tomasz Forfa is an Australian Doctor-Entrepreneur whose purpose is to transform the face of Australian Medicine for the better. His vision for the future is one where Doctors are unafraid to push beyond the limits of their profession and break through the confines of the medical industry’s traditional methods and ways of thinking.