The delusions holding your business back

Woody Allen,
“Midnight in Paris”

Yep, I watched it again this weekend – “Midnight in Paris”.

Actually, just the last 20 minutes because I started watching it earlier in the week but didn’t finish – probably because we were so caught up running our retreat.

Btw, our retreat was amazing! We spent the week in a mansion on the Sunshine Coast. Our clients loved it even though we spent most of the time messing with their heads… in a way that helped them have potentially life changing insights, of course.


This line from the movie above got me thinking…

If we’re going to be moving into new areas of life, such as business, or going into them further, we need to let go of some illusions (or delusions) that are holding us back.

In the movie, Gil was holding onto the illusion that there was a time in the past that was better than the present. Which is a nice thought – one which I have shared in the past. 

However, Gil wants to become a novelist but this nostalgia was affecting the quality of his work.

Towards the end of the movie he has this insight and realises he needs to accept the reality of the present – that the present is a little unsatisfying because life is a little unsatisfying and his job as a writer is to face that reality and find ways to overcome it.

The actor playing Gertrude Steam adds: “The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.”

How awesome is that quote! That’s why I love art.

So how does this relate to you?

Well, apart from the Philosophical bomb-shell that this is…

When we look at growing a business there are a shed-load of illusions we need to let go of.

Illusions such as:

  • I won’t have to do any marketing because I’ll just do a great job and people will love it
  • It will be easy because I’ve seen other people less intelligent than me do it
  • I just need to put it up on the interwebs and social media and people will buy it
  • I’ll do nothing different to the competition but I will get better results
  • I will hire people to do the work and they’ll just do a great job because that’s what I would do (they won’t – hiring, training and management are huge areas)
  • Everybody needs what I have – they just need to see it and they’ll love it. (If you’re niche starts with the words ‘anybody who’ or ‘everyone’ then you’ve already lost)
  • I need an MBA before I start.
  • The customer is always right (if they were then they wouldn’t need you)
  • I need to spend a lot of money before I make anything back
  • I have to research this for 2 years before I start

This list keeps going, but I think you get the point.

None of these illusions are true. They’re more like delusions.

That’s why in our Masterclass we really hammer home the actual steps you need to take to get your non-clinic based business to the next level.

We will show you how to get more of the right clients, how to spread the word in an authentic way, what skills you need to run and grow a successful business in the online world we live in today.

To find out more and reserve your seats, click here.

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