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19 Aug 2019

My big stupid business failure

As you may now, I got into business in a big way when I was trying to get into medical school in Australia. I was doing the GAMSAT and screwed it up for 3 years straight.  UNTIL I finally figured out what worked and what didn’t for the GAMSAT and

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16 Aug 2019

Private Obstetrics: The Real Reason Why Private Patient Numbers Are Falling, And It’s Not Due To The Rebates.

Maternity wards have been closing and numbers of private patients are falling.  I only discovered this recently, and when I did, I could see right through it. It’s not a problem of rebates or transparency. There is something very different going on here. When patients say they don’t have the

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15 Aug 2019

The George Costanza School Of Business For Doctors

Ever seen the TV show ‘Seinfeld?’ Off course you have 🙂 It’s a classic. Even though they’re just reruns now, and I’ve seen most of them, I still love watching the show. One of my favourite episodes is when George decides to do the opposite of everything. Remember that one?

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14 Aug 2019

The Secret Benefit Of Running Facebook Ads

You’ve probably heard all about how Facebook and Instagram ads are the most amazing thing since Penicillin (And yes, they are if you’re doing them right).  But, there’s one benefit I doubt anyone has mentioned… A benefit that has put mucho dineros in my squealing happy capitalist piggy bank. What

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07 Aug 2019

Why I don’t do lifestyle business

There are a lot of shonky lifestyle-preneurs out there who will sell you the pipe dream of floating in a pool with your laptop while you make bucket loads from your crappy blog or ecommerce website… They make their money from selling you that pipe dream. Most ‘lifestyle business’ people

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12 Jul 2019

Want to set up an online program as a doctor?

I like to say that doctors and online learning go together like gin and tonic… Like Aston Martins and driving really fast on country roads (if you haven’t already then you need to do this – best James Bond experience ever!). Here’s the thing, I started my first online program

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09 Jul 2019

Marcel Duchamp Is The Entrepreneur’s Spirit-Artist

You’ve heard of the spirit-animal; the idea that if there were an animal that represented you, which would it be? Well after attending the media preview of the Art Gallery Of NSW’s current exhibition, The Essential Duchamp, I’ve made up the concept of the spirit artist; if there were an

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27 Jun 2019

Want to run retreats?

Our first retreat was in Bali. We got a group of our pre-med students together, hired a pimp-ass villa in Seminyak and spent 5 days teaching them interview skills, laying on the beach drinking Bin-Tangs and visiting local schools to hand out school uniforms. It was amazing. Hard work, but

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25 Jun 2019

I became a doctor to prove a point.

Of course, I also wanted to help people and make a difference. But underneath it all, I did it to prove myself. To prove that I could. That I was good enough. That I was worthy. And I’m not the only one.  Most high achievers and doctors (if they’re honest

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