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Escape To Another Time With Rembrandt

Get out, enjoy, have fun. Break up the usual with things you do, get this, just for fun.

In medicine we’re brainwashed into pushing towards the next goal, competing like crazy to get ahead. Which isn’t sustainable. Doing things for no other reason than because you want to and enjoy it makes all the hard work worth it, at least it does for me.

I’m a fan of art. Ever since I learnt about the commitment and effort that goes into becoming a great artist, plus the things they can depict in their works, as well as the prices the good ones charge, I’ve been obsessed.

That’s why the Rembrandt exhibition, now in its last week, at the Art Gallery of NSW is a perfect trip – especially with a show and dinner included.

For the Sydney Festival, the gallery created a Baroque experience called Rembrandt Live. It started with drinks in the foyer of the gallery – a space used for wedding receptions and events. We used it for wine, champagne and a chat.

As we were invited to the exhibition, there were musicians from the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra in period clothing playing music from 18th century Netherlands. It created an atmosphere I’ve never experienced before – it put us into a different era, the Dutch golden age – like the wealthy barons of the time enjoying a pre-television show.

Most of the guests, some 200 in total, stopped to watch and listen to the first performance, a flute soloist with an authentic outfit. We left the crowds behind and skipped ahead in the exhibition – which was one of the best decisions we made because we were able to look at the Rembrandts and the Vermeer all on our own.

We had the whole thing to ourselves plus we still had the music playing in the background. That was amazing.

The musicians moved from room to room with different performances in each. There was dancing, music and singing. The crowds followed them with their portable stools. We went in the other direction and had each room to ourselves with the music in the background. It made for a romantic time with my wife.

Once the performances were over, after about an hour, we made our way upstairs for a baroque banquet designed by Matt Moran and Chiswick at the Gallery. It was like being in one of the Dutch Masters still life paintings. The food was inspired by the era and they went to a lot of effort to recreate the details down to the table runner, the oysters, even the lemon half peeled like in the paintings. That was cool.

Each meal was accompanied by wine. The company of the other guests was pleasant too – especially after the wine.

Some music continued at this point and we had a great time. I even forgot who was at home looking after our daughter. A highly recommended experience. Get in before the exhibition ends on 18th February.

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Tomasz Forfa

Tomasz Forfa

Dr Tomasz Forfa is an Australian Doctor-Entrepreneur whose purpose is to transform the face of Australian Medicine for the better. His vision for the future is one where Doctors are unafraid to push beyond the limits of their profession and break through the confines of the medical industry’s traditional methods and ways of thinking.