For Women Who Are Married To Doctors And Run The Ship

Being married to a doctor isn’t as glamorous as people think…I know, I’m married to one too.

He gets all the attention and credit, meanwhile you’re the one in the background making shit happen and taking all the crap. Sometimes it feels like you got the raw end of the deal.

The honest truth is that you love it (I love it too!) but it would be amazing to have some other women who are in the same situation to share war stories, have a laugh and a couple of champagnes.

This is that event.

I’ve been in your situation. I’ve been the one holding together the family, the relationship, the business (practice) and everything else whilst my husband was off trail-blazing in his medical and business career.

My only wish was that I had a group of women who really understood what I was going through, who I could turn to when I needed support.

After having my baby, I realised how amazing my mothers group was. They knew what I was going through. I dreamed of having that kind of support in this other important area of my life… and I’m not alone.

Now we have it, right here. And it’s not just for myself, but everyone woman out there in our situation.

A group of lady-bosses married to doctors who know what it’s like, who support you and are there for you and will laugh with you. Your clique. Your group of gals. Your collaborators. Your girls.

To find out more and register, click here

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