Want to get creative with your career in medicine?

The Doctors Collective was recently invited to present at the first inaugural Creative Careers In Medicine Symposium in Sydney.

It can be a very lonely existence to want to do things differently in medicine. Most doctors will think you’re crazy or an odd-ball, if you try to do things differently. They don’t want you to be creative. They want you to do the usual, expected thing. Get on the treadmill and stay on it.

Tom always said that medicine is like a series of predetermined hallways; you can you choose where you go but they’re all preset for you.

At the Doctors Collective, we’re all about smashing down those hallways and creating your own house, based on your dreams and passions! So it was exciting to be presenting to other doctors who feel the same way.

The energy was one of excitement, possibility and openness. Everyone there has been the odd-ball, until they all got together and we all had friends who were equally as weird.

Tom and Mare were asked to share their story of how they freed up their time and were able to create what is essentially, the doctors dream life – travelling 6 months of the year, working part time, while using your existing skills.

The Doctors Collective was also asked to contribute something special to the attendees. It’s very exciting to be there on the day and hear all the inspirational stories, but what happens when you go home? How do you apply what you’ve learnt? How do you start living a creative life in medicine?

Tom and Mare gave attendees free access to their mini ecourse, on how to get started and succeed in business as a doctor. It was so popular, that the site crashed temporarily as people all jumped on all at once!

All in all, it was a wonderful day. It has been needed for a long time. Well done to the organisers for making it happen!

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