How I made 250k in a month, as a Resident, without seeing any patients

A couple of days ago I wrote about one of our clients, an ED doctor, who made over 10K in 24hrs after we re-worked his business. 

He then went on to make over 100K in the first 6 weeks of working with us (recouping his investment with us more than 15 fold.)

And guess what?

Everyone loved that email. They ate it up!

One of my most popular ones to date.

So it got me thinking…

Want to know more about how to increase your income as a doctor?

About how to do it without seeing any patients?

How to take control of your life and create a lasting legacy?

It’s what I’ve been working on for years…

One of my favourite stories is when we made 250k in a single month.

That was nuts.

The sales just kept on coming. 

At the time we would track sales on a whiteboard. As they came in during the week, we wrote them up and kept tabs on what needed to be done to onboard the new clients.

By the end of that month the board was FULL, and in very small writing too.

And I didn’t have to see a single patient do it. 

Nothing wrong with seeing patients. You can keep seeing them on the side – like a secret lover 😉

But what I’m about to share with you doesn’t require them. In fact, at that point, I had resigned from the hospital and threw myself into the business full time.

To hit 250k in a month, we needed an entire team of people.

We had:

  • 2-4 full-time salespeople,
  • A client relationship manager,
  • A virtual assistant,
  • About 6-10 tutors,
  • About 8-12 various contractors,
  • Mare and I working full-time,
  • My brother and his partner were working full time on marketing and sales,
  • We also had two high-end business and sales coaches,
  • And we were part of an entrepreneurial support group.

And everyone was working virtually, from their laptops and phones, except the relationship manager who worked out of a spare bedroom in our apartment.

By that stage, I had spent 8 years busting my hump trying to figure it all out. 

It was an 8 year, overnight success.

I had spent literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on mentoring, training programs, testing, mistakes, and courses…

Plus having that whole team around me to make it happen. 

You may have noticed that I couldn’t even give an exact number of people who were working with us at the time – that’s because nothing was ever constant or certain.

People came and went. Some had to be let go, others were no longer needed.

It was a living beast that could not be tamed but had to be managed.

So I’m not going to sit here (in my beach-side Sunshine Coast apartment) and tell you it was easy. It wasn’t. When people talk about 7 figure laptop lifestyle businesses – this is what it really looks like. This is what it really takes.

It’s not for everyone. Not every doctor can, will or should do it.

Some people reading this will find it annoying or arrogant or obnoxious or whatever.

Most won’t really care.

While a smaller group of you will get really excited and think, “Holy shit! What did he learn that allowed him to do that? How did he manage it all? How can I do the same?”

You’re my people. 

You’re not like *most* doctors.

Being average is your idea of hell. You want extraordinary. You want to go on Safari with billionaires, being at the table with change-makers, leave a legacy – extraordinary.

Here’s the thing… I reached all the possible peaks of that initial industry. I achieved it all, conquered all the mountains and planted my flag…

And I got bored.

So now I’m on a new mission.

I want to show other doctors how to do the same thing. I am creating a community of doctors – and I don’t mean ‘community’ in the fluff-free Facebook group full of people who will never do anything other than talk sense – I mean those who are running amazing businesses, changing industries, changing the world and living life on their own terms.

So to help you do it, I’m going to spill my guts on all of it, showing you step-by-step how I did this, what I learned and…

I’m going to go one step further and I’m going to apply everything I know to you and your unique business.

That way you can potentially save years of mistakes, the hundreds of thousands it cost me, and the heartache I had to go through.

That way you can live that extraordinary life much sooner.

That’s what I’ll be doing here – applying my years of practical business knowledge and skills to your business so that you can take it further, faster.

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