How a doctor made over 10K in 24 hrs, without seeing a single patient

About 2 months ago we met an ED doctor who wanted more control over his life.

He’d sent years busting his hump in the ED, and to be honest, he loved the work. He still does.

Loves the patients, his colleagues, the knowledge, the skills, loves the whole thing.

But the way the system works, he needed more flexibility and control.

Before our fateful meeting, he had spent years teaching what he knew about ED for free.

He would do it after hours and often had juniors over at his house to help them study.

Over the many years he’d done this, he had only ever made $200 from the teaching. And that was only in the week before we met.

As you can imagine, this wasn’t sustainable and he needed another option.

So my wife, Mare, and I sat down with him and over 3 hours we created a new plan – a new way for him to do his teaching – along with a new program and price point.

We gave him the whole process that has allowed our business to bring in $250K some months, allowing us to change an industry, and giving us the control to determine how we live our lives.

But this was his first time doing something like this and he had some concerns – which is understandable – he’d always been a doctor who did the usual doctor thing.

So we addressed his questions one at a time and he went away to apply what we gave him.

Honestly, we weren’t expecting to hear back for a few days.

But the very next day he started signing up new clients. 

In fact, in that first 24 hours, he made $10,600 offering the new program we had created with him.

Next day: $3,800

Day after that: $5000

Then he went quiet. We didn’t hear anything else about sales. We just kept supporting him and his wife and answering their questions.

We thought the sales had dried up.

After 2 weeks, Mare and I got them on a call to check-in. It turns out they had been making sales but just didn’t tell us… naughty, naughty…

They wanted to hear our reaction when they told us that they had made $63,000 from the new program we helped them design, using our system and process… without seeing a single patient, from their house.

As you can imagine our reaction was very animated, to say the least.

We were over the freaking moon for them! Not because of the money but because this is paradigm-shifting stuff.

Yes, the money is great, but more importantly, the way they view their lives has changed forever. No longer are they slaves to the system. No longer do they feel trapped and limited by what an employer is willing to give them.

Their lives will never be the same again.

That’s why I was so excited for them.

It’s what happened to me when I figured this stuff out. As it did for every other doctor I’ve helped to do this.

And that’s not the end of the story – things kept going up from there for our brave ED friend. After 6 weeks they were at 100K in sales and it just keeps on rising.

Now, this isn’t a typical result. It’s also not some quick fix, get rich fast thing…

He’s been working his ass off.

He’s a special case because he had a following i.e. a database (a small one) of people who knew him, plus he followed our instructions.

But it gives you an example of what may be possible for you, with the career capital, knowledge and skills that are already sitting in your head… the only missing part… is how to take that stuff out of your head and do what our ED warrior did.

Luckily for you, that’s exactly what we’ll be teaching at our Masterclass.

At the Masterclass you’ll not only learn what we did with this ED doctor, but we’ll apply it to you too.

Step-by-step, putting pen to paper so that you can use it too.

And look, you don’t have to be in ED for this stuff to apply to you. You can be a GP, a surgeon, a neurologist, a resident, a medical student (I started to do this as a med student), a dentist, a physio…

Nor do you need to be teaching other doctors…

You might want to help patients, the public, other healthcare professionals… labourers, even.

Here’s what you DO need:

You need to follow our guidance, be able and willing to think differently, do things differently to what you’ve been doing, take control of your life and be willing to do the bloody work…

And we’ll take care of the rest.

You’ll spend the day with a small group of other doctors applying this stuff to you and having a great time do it. 

Plus there are drinks afterward – that’s where the real juicy stuff gets spilt – over a few gin and tonics.

Click here to find out more and register your seat.

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