Getting paid to holiday and spend time with great people while mess with their heads.

This week Mare and I are *cooped up* in a mansion on the Mooloola river on the Sunshine Coast – or as I like to call it – Tropical Paradise.

It’s been 25-30 degrees each day (in Winter, mind you), clear skies, and the house is incredible.

We’re running a retreat for our high-level GAMSAT clients. They’ve flown in from around the country to spend 5 days with us in the house hanging out, learning interview skills for postgrad medicine, and doing a lot of personal development work. 

As well as some surfing lessons, kayaking and visiting Australia zoo.

Not a bad way to work.

Each of the attendees has paid us north of 10K to be here.

And the best part is…

They are all freakin’ awesome people. Every one of them.

I have a reserved personality so the idea of spending a week in a house with a group of people who want my attention and constantly want to talk…

Well, it’s challenging, to say the least…

But this group is amazing. They laugh at all my jokes, listen to my stories and put up with all my crap. It’s perfect.

More importantly, they are getting more out of this event then they would if we did it over 6 weeks.

For some of them, it will literally be life-changing. 

What I love about retreats is they allow you to intensify the experience and so help attendees make a lot of progress very quickly. You can get really creative and do cool things like gamification and very immersive experiences.

For example, I have a Dietitian friend who takes her clients away to exotic locations where she feeds them the kinds of foods they should be eating, they learn what the food portions should be, learn to look after themselves and she educates them on nutrition. 

After a week they literally feel and see the consequences of looking after themselves right. It’s often life-changing.

It’s a win-win situation.

In fact, the program that my current clients are a part of goes one step further.

I’ve coined in, very creative, a win-win-win.

Here’s how it goes – as part of this program, they don’t just do this retreat, but we also mentored them as they created a community service initiative that’s changing a lot of lives. 

So we get paid to look after great clients, the clients learn a shitload and the community gets a lot of help.

Hence, it’s a win-win-win. It’s brilliant.

It’s also part of what we’ll be teaching at our Masterclass.

Many doctors I’ve spoken to have cottoned onto the idea of retreats. 

I mean, who wouldn’t love to create an incredible event, in a beautiful location, hang out with awesome people, and get paid a bucket load to do it?!

It’s also an amazing way to really help your clients/patients.

Obviously, it’s not all Margaritas by the pool and it’s not for everyone. You need to provide a lot of value, set the thing upright and make sure people sign up.

But if it’s something you want to do, then come along to our Masterclass and get the steps you need to make it happen.

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