How Entrepreneurial Doctors Can Eat And Drink Their Way Out Of Burnout

We’ve all heard the two common treatments for burnout – mindset (working on resilience, mindfulness, etc); and changing our environment (take a holiday, change jobs, reducing stress

There is a third, often missed aspect to it.

There is a physiological consequence to the stress we put ourselves through and there is also a physiological way to address it.

In this webinar, Dr. Tom Forfa and Feng-Yuan Liu (Dietitian specialising in burnout) will explore this topic, providing guidance, giving case studies and sharing their stories.

Here is the recording of the webinar



Dr. Tom Forfa: Australian Medical Doctor, Co-Founder of The Doctors Collective, Founder & CEO at PassGAMSAT.

Tom started an education company while studying medicine. He successfully grew it to one of the largest in its field, became a celebrity in the niche and had hundreds of clients per year.

However, this came at a cost. While working in medicine and running a business he develops burnout which often dipped into depression.

With the help of numerous people and techniques, including Feng-Yuan Liu, he came out the other end feeling better than before yet still a little grumpy in the morning.

Feng-Yuan Liu: Australian Dietitian and founder of Metro Dietetics.

With over 10 year’s experience, Yuan applies bleeding-edge science to help her clients understand the right way to improve their physical and mental health symptoms and go from being exhausted and overwhelmed with burn out, to achieving a state of energy peak performance.

Having followed Australian Dietary Guidelines and seeing her clients getting worse, not better, she started to investigate more of the science behind the guidelines – rather than just blindly following them.

She built a practice based on the actual science – reading papers and following the outcomes and recommendations of ethical and well-trusted sources. Her clients now get the advice and guidance of actual science, not just approved “guidelines” that in many cases are harmful.

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