The George Costanza School Of Business For Doctors

Ever seen the TV show ‘Seinfeld?’

Off course you have 🙂

It’s a classic.

Even though they’re just reruns now, and I’ve seen most of them, I still love watching the show.

One of my favourite episodes is when George decides to do the opposite of everything.

Remember that one?

For example:

He sees a woman he’s attracted to. Instead of lying about himself to impress her, he walks right up to her and introduces himself as a short, bald, fat man who is unemployed and lives with his parents.

She’s immediately attracted and they start dating.

Then he has an interview for a job at the New York Yankees. Usually, he would suck up to the owner of the company. But instead George tells him how he’s ruining the company and his decisions are crap.

“Hire this man!” Says the owner.

The point is that when George did the opposite of his usual way of acting and thinking, he would win.

And it got me thinking…

For a lot of doctors in business, it’s kind of the same.

Frankly, I reckon a lot of the business advice being dished out to doctors is BS… and does a lot of damage.

For example, marketing that’s all about you and what you do. People are not interested in that.

They want to hear about themselves, their problems and that you understand them. So make your marketing all about your ideal patients and clients.

Get into their hearts and minds instead of your own. Let’s do the George Constanza and do the opposite.

Then there’s setting prices and sales.

Your price is not about what you think it’s worth or how much your time is worth. 

It’s the opposite.

It’s about how much the product or service is worth to your client. How it will change their life and the value of the problem it solves for them.

That’s worth far more than your time – which means higher prices.

Again, do the opposite.

Finally, sales.

Selling is not about tricking people or being pushy.

It’s also not about being a push-over.

It’s about genuinely helping the right people and setting boundaries.

If you follow the above i.e. attract the right people with a message that speaks to them, then the product or service you offer them will help solve a problem they have and so they are more likely to buy it.

No tricks. Just honesty. Not being pushy or a pushover.

Here’s my point again – most doctors should be doing the opposite in business.

And just for a laugh, next time you’re working on the business, imagine following the “George Costanza Guidelines For Doctors In Business” – the opposite of what comes ‘natural’.

And we’re going to be doing this in-person for a small group of doctors.

We’re going to get a maximum of 8 doctors into a room and together work on all of this.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Refine your ideal client so that your marketing is spot on
  • Create the messaging so that it captures them and allows you to stand out
  • How to price your products and services in a way that is aligned with the true value
  • How to articulate the value of what you do so people happily pay your (higher) prices.
  • What business models will allow you to reach your full potential
  • The realities of running a successful business
  • The essential practical skills and how doctors are halfway there already
  • And much more.

This applies to non-clinic based businesses, so those that are “out of the square box.”

It also applies to forward-thinking clinic owners who want to stand out while being within the guidelines.

To learn more about our Masterclasses and reserve your seat, click here.

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