A wacky crazy way to monetise your database

I speak to a lot of doctors who have a database or community or Facebook group or following or whatever you want to call it…

They have a group of people who know who they are and what they do, but they’re not making any money from that community.

Or if they are, it’s not much.

They come to us frustrated by the situation and wanting help. 

And I get it. 

It’s super annoying to be doing all this stuff for free, giving them your blood, sweat, and tears, and it’s costing you money to do it. You’re paying for the ‘pleasure’ of doing it for free, giving up a lot of your time and effort to do it.

At first, it’s fun but very quickly the pleasure runs out.

It’s not sustainable – for your finances or your sanity.

So they come to us wondering what’s going wrong, what the problem might be and how they might be able to monetise their database.

And we suggest a very wacky crazy idea… (and I say it’s wacky and crazy because some of them resist this)

Which is…

Here it comes…

I suggest that they…

*Make them an offer.*

…Give them something to buy from you.

Crazy, right!


But seriously. You need to offer them something. And ideally something of high value.

The reason why people are not making any money is that they’re not offering anything.

But the bigger and the more important question becomes….

Why are you not offering them anything?

It’s not because you don’t know what. Chances are you already have a few ideas.

When I started in business and had a community of GAMSAT students who loved my free thing. I couldn’t wait to make them an offer.

So very quickly I made them an offer and started making money while I slept.

To address this problem we need to dig a bit deeper and put on our doctor hats and investigate. Just like when a patient comes in saying they have pain, you don’t just treat the pain, right? 

Give them Paracetamol and a prescription for a can of cement (so they can harden up) and send them on their way…

No, you find out what’s going on underneath and treat that. 

So let’s do the same thing here.

If you haven’t made your database an offer then we need to see why.

Look at it this way: if you knew people would happily buy from you without any hesitation every time then you would be offering stuff all day long, right?

So then if you’re not making offers it’s because you don’t think people will buy from you.

Why would they not buy?

If you have something incredibly valuable and you offered it to someone who found it even more valuable than the price you’re charging, then there is no reason why they would not buy.

If you had something that was worth $20,000 to someone and you only charged them $2000 for it, then that’s a bargain that’s worth taking all day long. They will find the money to pay you.

They have the money if it’s valuable enough to them. Money is value.

The keyword here: Value.

It’s all about value. 

If you’re not asking for a sale, for money, then it shows me you don’t think you have something of value to offer them.

And when they say ‘no’ it would just confirm your belief in your lack of value.
Let’s let that sink in for a sec because that’s a big deal.

You don’t think you have something of value to offer so you’re not making offers…

Or you’re pitching it to the wrong people so when they say ‘no’, it confirms your lack of value.

Most likely it’s both.

So you’re hoping that you can just keep doing your free stuff and people will just decide to throw money at you. It doesn’t work like that.

This is what we teach our Inner Circle members. 

We show them where their value is, how to package it up, how to find people who will appreciate it, how to articulate the value so that people are bloody happy to pay you. 

And pay you a handsome amount too! Because it’s worth it!

And if you have a community of people who know you and follow up, then you’re a perfect candidate. 

You do have a lot of value to give.

We just need to package it up and communicate it to the right people.

You can apply for the Inner Circle through an application phone call. Click here to get started.

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