Mixing Business With Medicine – THIS Is How It’s Done.

Climbing through the medical ladder towards specialization is tough. However, not every doctor walks the traditional route of clinical care. Some decide to take on the entrepreneurial route. A path of creation to enable a society as a whole to shift toward solutions that can disrupt, and more importantly compliment the normal medical establishment in ways that will change it forever.

There are 4 real game changers in this space that are looking to create, a faster and more economically viable way to disseminate interventional and preventative care

1. Dr Peter Diamandis (M.D)

Chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation; Co-Founder Human Longevity Project; Co-Founder Planetary Resources

This man has done it all. If you haven’t heard of him and you want to become a doctor-entrepreneur, I suggest you google him now! He is a (very) successful doctor who branched out into very unconventional fields. He completed a BSc. in aeronautical and astronautical engineering before completing his M.D at Harvard. In 1994, being the brilliant mind that he is, he launched the X Prize foundation that awards $10 million to a team that can create innovations that will take humans into the next technological revolution. His founding of the Human Longevity Project looks to extend human life by 20-30 years through genomics and cell-based therapy. All that said and done, he is also a New-York Times bestseller. He is well and truly one of the great doctor-entrepreneurs of our time.

2. Dr Prathaban Raju

Dr. Raju is making waves in Malaysia as a doctor-entrepreneur. Founder of Door2 Door Doctor, he mobilises medical resources to make trips to patients houses. Although this is already common is western countries, it is the first of its kind in Malaysia and is really making waves in the medical startup scene. He completed his MD at the Crimean Medical Institute in Simferopol and hasn’t looked back since.

3. Dr Greg Goodman (M.D)

Founder of the ModernMD, Co-Founder VaIIDTech, Co-Founder CEO in a Box; Co-Founder CareCircleMD

Dr Goodman started his first two business from his kitchen table. He is born entrepreneur and has used his talent as a medical practitioner to add value to those around him. He is the host of the weekly podcast ModernMD and is the co-founder of a whole host of startups. Goodman was born in South Africa and graduate with a BSc in Biology before attaining his MD at Tufts University in Massachusets. Some of his business ventures include CDO of a medical clinic in Ethiopia and later led to a partnership with iFundAfrica (all before finishing medical school!). With his medical-entrepreneurship life booming, he took a break from clinical training, which he will be resuming in June 2016 in internal medicine.

4. James Gupta

Founder & CEO Synap, Director of Doctopreneurs, Medical Student Leeds University

James fits into the mould and is indeed leading a new wave into the heath startup field. James is responsible for the application Synapse. This is a crazy new educational startup platform that uses neuroscience, social media and an upgrade from his first startup MyCQs to create questions for medical students in the UK. Additionally, he is the founder of a great new website and podcast doctorprenuers.com. In this podcast, along with his co-host Dr Greg Goodman (M.D), he talks about the ins and outs of starting a health related technology startup. A must-listen for any budding entrepreneur in the field.

Sharing these stories with you is real inspiration for me. It shows me that medicine is a dynamic, interesting and outside-the-square-box type of career that you can turn into anything that you want.

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Sudharrshan Nair

Sudharrshan Nair

Sudharrshan Nair, (known as Suddy to his friends) is a pre-med student with a strong interest in all things entrepreneurial within the medical technology field. He has just completed his Masters Biomedical Science with distinction in Perth, Australia.