Coming From The Capital Pitch Startup Conference?

You’re probably here because you heard me speaking at the CapitalPitch Startup Conference in Sydney.

That was fun!

If you’re a doctor, med student, nurse or other healthcare professional with an online or internet based business, then this is for you.

As a doctor myself, I know the unusual demands, expectations and responsibilities that you’re dealing with as a healthcare professional with a business.

As well as the fact that your niche is probably unlike many others.

Not many people understand this.

But after running a successful online company for 10 years while being in the medical field, I understand better than anyone else what you’re going through and how to succeed at it!

I’ve been there, had the struggles, made the sacrifices and made it work.

I grew my business to a point where my wife and I had the freedom and resources to travel 6 months of the year (every year!)…. Plus…

Make a huge positive impact on the world through our business…

Start a foundation…

Develop systems and a team of staff to support us and the business…

And now…

To help other healthcare professionals live the life, have the freedom and impact that they dream of.

So if you’re a doctor, med student, nurse, physio or any healthcare professional with an online or internet based business…

And you would love to get guidance, advice, or funding to shortcut your journey to success or prevent it from failing…

Then get in touch with me today by completing the below form.

You and I will have a chat on the phone and see if and how we can work together.

Our current round of intakes is finishing soon. So get in touch with me ASAP to get your foot in the door by clicking here.

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