There’s No Such Thing As A Lifestyle-Business

Let me say it again…

There’s no such thing as a fucking lifestyle-business.

It’s a hoax.

At least it is the way you’re thinking of it.

Here’s the truth from someone who’s been there and done it and knows what it’s really like…

The shit you see on Instagram and YouTube of all these millennials and travelers working from the poolside, they’re actually in one of two pretty crappy situations.

They are the following:

‘Lifestyle’ Business Situation #1

They’re broke AF…

They’re staying at shitty backpacker hostels, taking the long flights over 3 days with 2-3 layovers in nowhere.

They’re taking 50-100 strategic photos that look beautiful and hours of video of themselves drinking cocktails and jumping off waterfalls before they spend 8 hours editing one video and updating their blog. Then sleeping in their bed-bug infested cesspool of a hostel.

This is even true for those who have close to a million followers.

In fact, especially them!

They make a couple of hundred bucks on a sponsored post and might get one of those a week if they’re lucky!

It’s not glamorous, at all.

So that’s the lifestyle business situation number one; they’re broke and just make it look good on Instagram.

‘Lifestyle’ Business Situation #2

They’re fucking lying.

Yes, they stay at amazing hotels and truly incredible locations but they’re working like crazy and are totally stressed. They’re not casually floating in the pool with their laptop. No.

They don’t leave their hotel room for days because they have a bucket load of clients to look after, sales calls to make and shit is falling apart around them.

I know because I’ve been that guy!

On multiple occasions, in some of the world’s most beautiful places, I barely left the hotel room.

For example, we ran a retreat in Bali and visited Thailand beforehand. The photos looked amazing.

But I didn’t leave the hotel room for 3 days. Mare just brought me food. I had a big business to run, there were problems everywhere and it was hard to do it on shit WiFi in a different time zone with over a dozen staff to manage remotely.

Running retreats is also not a holiday. You’re working the WHOLE time. From morning until night you’ve got your clients there asking questions and you’re working.

You need to learn to look deeper; look past the veneer and highly staged and edited photos.

This happens in other industries too. For example, people think running conferences is easy.

They suck.

They take a LONG time to fill and rarely make money. Got 200-300 seats? You’ll need 3-6 months and a sales team to fill it. And if you’re lucky you might break even.

No one makes money on ticket sales. You’ve got to include other upsells, exhibitors, sponsors, etc.

So if you’re sitting there wanting a lifestyle business, it’s probably

because you’re tired or burnt out.

Want to travel the Greek Islands? Take a 2-week vacation from your job.

But if you want to be an entrepreneur who does something worthwhile then get ready to do the fucking work and lots of it.

If you want to travel to incredible places while working and making decent money, then get ready to manage the stress.

Look, I don’t want to burst your bubble (well, I kinda do).

Because here’s the thing, you can have a great lifestyle and a successful business, but it’s going to require doing the work.

My wife and I do live an incredible lifestyle. We do travel a lot. We’ve regularly traveled for 6 months of the year and now we’re living on the Sunshine Coast in Australia for the winter.

We’ve worked from the Croatian islands and France and the US and a bunch more, had the freedom to move around the world, but hear this…

We worked THE. WHOLE. FUCKING. TIME. And worked hard.

We didn’t get drunk each night because we had calls to make in the morning. We even had dozens of different wireless dongles because we wanted to make sure we had reliable internet. We’re pros and we’re going to do this properly.

The great thing about that lifestyle is that I wasn’t stuck in a hospital 14 hours a day.

We did it all from the French Riviera one week, then the Croatian Islands the next. We would go out to dinner in incredible places. We’d go for morning walks to the local fish markets to get some fresh lunch and meet the locals.

It was amazing, but we worked hard to create it and to maintain it which means we made a fuck-tonne of money doing it.

That’s the real lifestyle business.

It requires work. It’s not a no-work lifestyle. If you’re just starting in business, then you’re going to work even more than you do in medicine.

But the payoff is huge!

As an entrepreneur, you get to create something incredible, you get to work on projects you love, you get to make the impact you really want and you get the freedom to travel and move around.

That’s freedom – but not in the way many people think of it.

If the freedom you’re after is being able to do whatever you want when you want and with whoever you want, then that’s the Peter Pan Syndrome.

It’s like wanting to be a child forever; have summer holidays like a 10-year-old kid where your mum makes you dinner, you ride your bike all day and just have fun.

Hate to tell you, but you’re an adult now.

That’s not going to happen. You have responsibilities. You can’t eat whatever you want – smashing Maccas all day.

You can’t avoid being a parent, you can’t avoid the ATO, you can’t avoid that nagging feeling that you’re not making the most of your life – not making the real impact you want to.

So, can you do the passive-income online lifestyle business thing and travel?

Yes, but you’ll be in situation #1 – broke as fuck. Making 30K a year, if you’re lucky.  

If you want to escape from your current situation to a ‘lifestyle’ business, then just take a break. Have a holiday. Address your burnout (this will help). Eat right. Get a hobby. Get a therapist (every high-achiever should have one). See your friends – in person, not online. Or even get a different job.

Because entrepreneurship is hard.

It’s scary.

It’s stressful and not for the faint-hearted.

It’s not a lifestyle business for people who want to be by the pool doing nothing.

You gotta work your ass off.

But it’s worth it.

You get to create something great and become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

If that’s you, then you’re a special kind of psycho.

You’re like me. Like Richard Branson. Like Steve Jobs.

You see something you don’t like and you find a way to fix it or something you want to create and you do it. You’re ready to do the work, make the sacrifices despite the challenges, create an incredible life and legacy.

If that’s you, then join me and my group as we kick ass, take names and change the world.

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