Reconnecting With Your Passion For Adventure And Medicine

Since returning from our inspiring safari trip with Richard Branson, my wife Mare and I have been planning some exciting adventures for doctors that will change lives and be a lot of fun.

Adventure being the key word here.

Over dinner one night I asked Richard if he was planning any new adventures. His eyes lit up and he told us about the blue hole in the oceans of Belize he was going to explore in a few weeks.He would jump into a mini submarine and dive to the very bottom of this seemling bottomless hole – which by the time you read this, it’s already happened.

Plus there was one other adventure to do with Virgin Galactic which I got the impression was supposed to be a secret. So I won’t reveal that one. But he was preparing for it everyday with a personal trainer while with us on safari.

This is what blew me away – here’s a guy in his 60’s, who’s spent his life challenging himself, going on adventures. He just finished an epic bike ride with Strive and was already in training for his next one.

He starts all his businesses and charitable ventures looking at the people he can help, the positive changes his enterprises can make.

All of this got us inspired to create something like this for our doctors. So while in South Africa, we started organizing a one-of-a-kind experience especially for doctors.

Something that will break you out of your usual routine, help you explore new places and cultures, have a lot of fun, use your medical skills where they’re really needed and reconnect with that sense of appreciation and excitement for medicine that you may have been missing. Plus have a holiday of a lifetime while we’re at it.

If this sounds great to you, enter your details here to register your interest.

Imagine this…

We start with a luxurious holiday in a tropical paradise.

You’re kicking your feet up, unwinding and letting go of the stresses from home while living it up in beautiful surroundings with amazing people.

Then feeling incredibly appreciated and valued while using the medical skills you love so much, reconnecting with your love for medicine and why you got into this in the first place.

You’d return home a changed person!

You’d feel great because the community your served would be better off, lives would be changed forever and your friends and family would be wondering why you’re so happy all of a sudden.

And that’s what we’ve done with TanX.

Now, this isn’t for everyone. We’re looking for doctors who love adventure, who value personal grow, and are open to doing new things.

If that’s you then enter your details here to express your interest. Then either myself or Mare will be in touch about the details

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