How I became the Gollum of business…and ‘my precious’ was comfort.

After being a refugee child, growing up in a heroin infested neighbourhood, surrounded by gangs… I left no stone unturned in my search for security and comfort.

After years of slaving towards it, trying what felt like a thousand different ways to achieve it, pushing myself to the extreme to get it…

I finally arrived. 

Boy, did I arrive? 

I settled right into that mofo and started to look for all the easy ways to do things. All secure and comfortable ways to do my work and live my life.

I stopped playing to win and started playing not to lose.

I started looking for the easy, minimum ways to do things – that wouldn’t disturb my nice comfortable life.

But let me ask you this…

What happens to your patients who choose the comfortable way of life – the comfort of the couch, comfort foods, comfort drinks?

They get sick and die, right?

The body needs to be challenged and pushed.

There is no status quo. You either grow or you die.

You either push your heart while exercising it, or it slowly deteriorates.

If muscles are not challenged, they atrophy.

And I started to atrophy.

This is a great metaphor for when we chose comfort in life.

I wasn’t challenging myself, I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t putting myself into uncomfortable situations to grow my comfort zone.

My life started to atrophy, so did my business, my health (I stopped working out as much), my relationship with Mare (I stopped focusing on growth in that area), and along with it, my mental health.

In every aspect of my life started to become Gollum.

I almost lost it all.

It’s like a drug because the worse I felt the more I just kept looking for comfort and easier ways to live.

Until a mentor showed me what was happening. And let me tell you, it was confronting as hell.

I had to admit that the thing I had been chasing for so long was destroying me and making me miserable.

I also had to change my motivations in life – which is a big deal.

I had to shift my focus from wanting the easier way, to wanting to be better.

There’s a quote that goes, “It doesn’t get easier, you get better.”

I had to re-engage with my drive for growth. I had to start challenging myself again. I had to start pushing, and not because afterward, it would be easy, but just because I enjoy the challenge.

Life is a challenge.

Every living creature is challenged everyday. Think of birds. Everyday they need to go out and find food or they starve. There is no comfort or security for them.

And yet they thrive. That’s why we thrive when we’re challenged (you wouldn’t have survived medical school and your training otherwise).

The difference between the birds and who I had become was that thy birds enjoy the day. They don’t complain about wanting things to be easier. They just get on with it and enjoy the sunshine. 

Life is a beautiful challenge.

An adventure.

And the aim is to enjoy the journey, not to make things easy.

This is what we work on with all our private clients.

Have you slipped into doing the comfortable? Wanting a ‘lifestyle business’? Wanting things to be easier? Or worse still, wanting “passive” income?

So re-engaging with your love of growth, challenge and discomfort will be what helps you grow in your business and life.

If that’s the case, then come along to one of our Masterclasses.

We’re going to sit you down and create a plan of how you can move forward, what you will need to learn and how you will enjoy the challenge of moving your cause forward.

The next one is approaching fast. Click here to find out more.

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