Australian doctor turned entrepreneur explains…

How a physical print newsletter sent via snail-mail can help you attract more of the right patients and referrals.

Especially in 2021 when everything is going online.

We live in a world full of marketing noise. It seems like everyone is vying for our attention, especially online.

What if you could stand out above the noise without shouting or even competing?

Physical print newsletters are ideal for this because:

  • They are different from the usual Facebook or Instagram posts, fancy websites, SEO or other social media, which is absolutely saturated with “influencers” and your competition, so with physical print you instantly stand out from the crowd.
  • Email newsletters are over done, don’t get opened and people are not interested in them. So you end up just wasting your time making them and probably also annoy the people you send them to.
  • Most people much prefer to receive physical snailmail than virtual mail. Think of it this way: if your Grandmother sent you an e-birthday card or a physical one in the mail – which would you prefer? The physical one. And it’s more likely to be opened and read.
  • A physical print newsletter is not seen as advertising because it’s a ‘publication’ with content that is interesting to you and the reader.
  • It builds your credibility and positions you as a leader in your field because you have a ‘publication’ in your topic area.
  • It turns your readers from patients or referrers into members of a community, your community.
  • It more effectively allows you to build trust and a relationship with your readers, making you the obvious choice over your competition.

Just a side note – this is what everyone on social media is fighting for: to build a connection with their followers, to prove to them that you can help them, that you will do a great job and that they should choose you over anyone else.

The problem with marketing online is that unless you’re a full-time “influencer” creating “viral” content then you’re probably not going to get noticed these days.

Influencers sprooking the latest camera or lip fillers to their 200K+ followers don’t have addresses to mail to. But you do. So when someone receives a letter in the mail from you then they will stop, read, listen and think about you and your practice. You will have the opportunity to actually build that connection.


  • You can even turn your testimonials – which you’re not allowed to use – into “patient spotlights” aka stories about happy patients so that the good work you’re doing can be showcased.
  • People much prefer to read longer articles in physical format, allowing you to share your latest research, news, ideas, insights more effectively – further positioning you as the obvious choice for your readers.
  • The newsletter, when done right, teaches your referrers and readers which kinds of patients you love to see and treat in your clinic so that you receive more of the right patients.
  • It can be used to send readers to your website and other platforms to consume more of your content or even book themselves, or their patients, in for an appointment with you.
  • And if you do this right, it can be a fraction of the cost of paying for SEO, Adwords, Facebook ads, marketing agencies, web designers, content creators and every other millenial with a bad haircut and a social media addiction.

And all of this is done in a professional, enjoyable, and non-pushy way which your readers will even thank you for.

But not all newsletters were created equal

Most people turn newsletters into boring brochures about their clinics which are cold, salesy and mostly get thrown in the rubbish without even being read.

A well written newsletter has people excited to tear open the envelope and read it from cover to cover as soon as they get in the door. It should be engaging, fun, personal, build a connection with your reader and lastly, be informative. Too much information and it’s boring. Not enough and it’s just a Facebook rant.

Done right, a physical print newsletter can be the linchpin which brings together your positioning as the leader in your field.

Allowing you to stand out in an almost ‘undercover’ way, attract more of the right patients and actually saves you time and money.

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I hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Tomasz Forfa