Why I don’t do lifestyle business

There are a lot of shonky lifestyle-preneurs out there who will sell you the pipe dream of floating in a pool with your laptop while you make bucket loads from your crappy blog or ecommerce website…

They make their money from selling you that pipe dream.

Most ‘lifestyle business’ people are either broke (but take very nice Instagram photos that make their lives look good) or they’re lying to you and are in fact working their assess off.

The truth is business is hard.

Entrepreneurship is scary as fuck.

You will be challenged, confronted, triggered, all your buttons will be pushed and you’ll be ready to quit at times.

You will work your ass off.

Business is not the easy way out.

There is no way you can create a living in business without going through all of this and more.

The stuff you’re seeing online are just the highlights. I know because I’ve been there.

I’ve made $250K in a month with our business. I’ve gone on Safari with Richard Branson. I’ve gone Heli-Skiing in exotic locations. I’ve started a foundation and changed countless lives. All thanks to our businesses.

I’ve also lost money. I’ve had times where I didn’t leave my hotel room for 3 days because I was stressed out of my brain.

We’ve had people rip us off, unexpected tax bills, employees lie to us, cash flow problems and failed campaigns.

Business is just as hard as medicine.

The BIG question is…

Is it worth it for you?

For me it’s a resounding, fuck yes!!

Because I know that business fulfills my values.

It allows me to have an impact on the world that I want.

It gives me the creativity and control to work on projects I love.

It gives me access to people and experiences I won’t have anywhere else.

It allows me to leverage my time and skills to make an unlimited income and have an unlimited impact.

And if you feel the same way, then you will love my Inner Circle program.

It’s for doctors who are taking the business seriously (and most of them take medicine seriously too).

They want to work hard. In fact, the fucking love their work.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

They want to support and training to help them overcome the obstacles, grow in business, reach their goals and love the journey. That’s part of what we do in the Inner Circle.

If you want that too then click here to apply for the Inner Circle via a phone call with us

Let’s kick ass, take names and change the world with your business,

Here are 4 ways I can help you achieve your mission:

1. Watch a free recording of our training
It will show you how to pick and monetise business ideas – Click Here.

2. Join the No BS group and connect with other like-minded doctors
It’s our new Facebook community where entrepreneurial change-making doctors are learning some of the tips and tricks to achieving their big goals. – Click Here.

3. Attend our in-person masterclass
It’s called the ‘No BS Entrepreneurship For Doctors’ Masterclass and as you can tell from the name it’s serious about helping you achieve your business and life goals. – Click Here

4. Work with us privately
If you’d like to work directly with us to help you fast track your progress to achieving your business and life goals… just reply to this message and put “Private” in the subject line… tell me a little about your mission, business and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll give you all the details.

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