Want to add an extra 200-500K to your business?

Adding an extra $200-500K to your business…

Big task?

Not really.

Not if you’re the right kind of person.

Here’s what I mean,

If you would rather keep doing what you’ve always been doing, and choose the discomfort of boredom, of not reaching your potential, or wondering what could have been… then this is an impossible task.

If you’re a clinic owner who wants to keep doing what you’ve always been doing, and you’re not open to looking outside the square box, then yes, this is an impossible task.

If you run a non-clinic based business but you only want to charge by the hour and advertise by posting on Instagram, then again, it’s an impossible task.


If you are like the attendees of our recent Sunshine Coast Masterclass, who each left with an extra 200-500K of value in their business…

Then it can be created in a one day session. I kid you not.

Obviously, you’re not going to have that money sitting in your account by the end of the day (and if you thought you would then I’d really re-examine your attitudes towards money), but you’re going to know how to create it, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with a clear plan in hand.

Here’s why…

Business is not an easy way out.

And if you’re already in business, there is no easier business to get into.

There is no easier way.

Each is difficult, just in different ways.

This is something we went over at the Masterclass…

Some of the attendees thought that staying where they are, in their ‘comfort zone,’ would be easier and would avoid struggle – to just keep cruising along and looking for the easy work and ways to live.

But we know that only leads to boredom, to dissatisfaction, to regret, to not reaching your potential, to set a bad example, to wondering what could have been. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than that. It’s painful.

On the other hand, there’s the discomfort of challenging yourself, of growing, of doing things differently, of pushing yourself and going to the next level and creating great things and going to amazing places.

Each is difficult.

The choice is – which difficult do you want?

I know which one I find fulfilling and satisfying.

So if you’re the first, who wants the illusion of comfort, then probably just unfollow me. I can’t help you.

But if you’re like me and the people in our community who want to kick ass, take a name, do cool shit and have a lot of fun along the way, then you need to be at our next Masterclass.

Because when we sit you down in that room and apply our process to your business, you will see how much fun and how profitable it can be open your mind to new ways of attracting the right clients/patients, creating high value products or services, and communicating your value in a powerful way.

Here are the dates and locations.

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