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My big stupid business failure

As you may now, I got into business in a big way when I was trying to get into medical school in Australia.

I was doing the GAMSAT and screwed it up for 3 years straight. 

UNTIL I finally figured out what worked and what didn’t for the GAMSAT and got myself into medicine. 

I then started to share what I had learned over those three years with others and grew a business out of it…

A big business. 

We had dozens of staff, a whole sales team, hundreds of clients and millions in revenue.

…All while I was studying medicine full-time.

As you can imagine, I was hustling during those years. 

Studying during the day, at night I’d be on the computer working on the business. Plus I was working out – I was in great shape. And maintaining an amazing relationship with Mare. It was all-important to me.

I was learning a lot, being challenged, growing like crazy, and I’d be going 18 hours a day, 6 days a week. (I took Sundays off – but not really because Sundays helped with the relationship)

And I kept doing this after I graduated and started practicing medicine. The business kept growing. More opportunities came my way and with it, more challenges.

Eventually, there came a point where I thought that I’d ‘made it’. I had it all. I had reached my goals.

And I started to get comfortable.

I spent so many years pushing and hustling so I thought, I deserve to be comfortable. I’ve earned this. It’s my reward.

What a mistake that was.

As a result, I ended up burning the whole fucking thing down to the ground.

Sales came to a grinding halt. Staff left or were let go. The competition overtook us. And I went into a hole emotionally.

All because I thought my goal, my outcome, was to be comfortable.

Comfort is death in business and in life. 

Think of your patients – those who chose the comfort of the couch, fast foods, of the easy way out, what happens to them?

They die. They get a heart attack and fucking die.

What about in your life? 

When you’ve been thriving, excited, moving forward – they were the times you were being challenged, you were learning, growing, and it was uncomfortable.

But you loved it.

The problem becomes when we make comfort the outcome…

Rather than getting comfortable with the discomfort of growth.

(Attending a CPD course is not the growth I’m talking about.)

Think of exercise.

It’s not comfortable when your muscles sting and your lungs burn. But you love it. It means growth. It means life. It means progress. It means becoming the person you want to be. It means looking great and feeling even better.

Truth is, you love being challenged. 

That’s why you became a doctor and you thrived during the process. You knew it was going to be hard and you did it anyway.

You love growth. You love to learn. All of that brings tension, discomfort, and challenge. And it’s amaaaaazing.

So how about we bring more of that back into your life? And your business?

Challenge, growth, discomfort – for its own sake because you love to learn and grow.

That’s what I had to relearn and it’s what we do with our Inner Circle members.

We give them tasks that will take their business to the next level – and guess what – they’re often uncomfortable. But it’s what makes all the difference. 

And they love it. (The sickos)

The key is knowing which of these tasks will be relevant to you and your business.

If you’d like to find out how this would work for you and apply for the Inner Circle, then enter your details here to chat with us about it.

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