How To Get The Security You’ve Always Wanted

I intimately understand the search for a security, especially financial security!

My family was refugees from Communist Poland in the 1980s.

We spent time living in a tent in a public park, in the homes of strangers, and even in a refugee camp. 

The whole time we didn’t know what was going to happen next. We worried about our safety, shelter, food and what the government would do if my parents failed to get asylum into a Western country.

I was a child at the time.

When we arrived in Australia it got a little better. 

We had no money. Just a few suitcases of old communist clothes. 

My dad had to find cash jobs to feed my brother and I. We lived in housing commission next door to the heroin capital of Australia, Cabramatta, with needle and junkies in our playground.

I get it.

Security was #1 for us.

And it became my personal driving force for a long time.

I tried it all, across multiple industries – I’ve worked in investment banking (around the time of the GFC), I’ve been a government employee, a doctor, business owner and had the large cash reserves.

And none of it was ever right.

The longer you stay in the medicine the more obvious it becomes – there’s no security in being a doctor.

It might look like it at first, but it’s false.

Here’s an example…

I spoke to a Dr who was working in a clinic which went into liquidation and she lost 2 months pay. She did all the right things by the employer and insurance company, but it was out of her control, and she got screwed in the end.

Spoke to another senior doctor with an amazing track record, who had some serious health challenges and was kicked out of the system. Couldn’t work.

I have a relative who made a mistake and was thrown out.

Even working in corporate doesn’t give you any security…

“Work for a big company,” your parents would say.

Well, my wife, Mare, used to be in HR for big companies and she spent 5 yrs making good employees redundant. It turns out, if the company doesn’t want or need you, you’re out. 

It’s called ‘restructuring.’

That’s a nice corporate word for, ‘your years of service and loyalty mean nothing and now you’re screwed.’

Ask any employee and that word, restructure, will send shivers down their spin.

I know this sounds pretty grim, but my point is: whether it’s in medicine or corporate, or any other job for that matter, there’s no security.

Even in business…

That’s where there’s even less security. There’s no boss to pay your wages (and then restructure you out of the company.) It’s all on you.

And even if…

You have huge reserves of money, it doesn’t bring that secure feeling because then you start worrying about losing it – what happens if it goes away or you lose it!

I’ve tried it all…

I’ve spent close $500,000 on personal development and business coaching and mentoring to help me discover a solution to this.

And eventually, I found it.

I bloody found it!

It turns out there is one way to get never-ending security… And I’m not even exaggerating. I’m being serious.

I kind of feel like Gollum from the “Lord of the Rings” right now – my precious!! 
“One source of security to rule them all”

When I found this security I grabbed it with both hands and jumped in head first…

And my life started to fall apart. 

Everything started to slip away. 

I kinda started to become like Gollum… more about that in a sec.

But it turns out that the ultimate security is not found ‘out there’ in the world, or in a job, or a partner or a career.

It’s found somewhere closer to home.

It’s found…


Look at it this way: what does security actually mean to you?

Probably something along the lines of, to have enough to get by and provide for your family no matter what happens. 


So who can make sure that happens?

No one, except you. 

Only you can develop the skills, knowledge, and faith to know that you will get by no matter what happens.

That’s the only and best security there is – knowing that you will be ok no matter what happens.

That’s good to know, Tom, but how do I actually do that?

Well, one of the best things I’ve learned from business are the skills to do that.

Look at it this way…

If you know how to attract a potential client, then sell them a product or service and then deliver your service, or hire someone to do it, then you will get by no matter what happens in your job, registration, career, health or family.

That’s what happened to one of our clients. 

He couldn’t work in medicine anymore. So we showed him how to package up his knowledge and skills and sell them to people who were happy to pay a premium for it.

Now he’s doing very very well irrespective of what happens to his job.

This is it, people, the answer to having all the security: having the skills, knowledge, and faith that you will be OK no matter what happens.

That’s it.

So if this is so great, why did my life start to fall apart when I got it?

I’ll explain that in the next article. This one’s long enough already.

There is one more thing I want to say…

If you want to have this security…

If you want to learn the skills and knowledge to get by no matter what happens…

Then come along to our Masterclass.

You’ll learn how to attract the right clients or patients, create a product or service perfect for them, how to sell it to them, and how to deliver it in a leveraged way so it doesn’t take up much of your time.

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