How I Started My Online Business While Being A Doctor

We had just come back from dinner. It was my wife’s birthday and I promised her I wouldn’t work online that day. What I didn’t tell her was that I had set up an online webinar to run automatically while we were at dinner.

When we got back I jumped onto the computer to check the results. As you can imagine, Mare was pretty pissed off.

But then I told her what had happened…

While we were out drinking wine, eating fancy food and celebrating, we made over $5000 on autopilot as a result of that webinar.

Happy Birthday!

This was at a time when I was still studying medicine. I had been working on a product that helped people get into post-graduate medicine in Australia, essential an online tutoring program with downloaded digital materials.

The beauty of it was that most of it ran without me, just like that automated webinar.

Some refer to this as passive income. I like to call it leveraged income.

Leveraged income is where the work you do goes a long way because you use technology and techniques which allow you to leverage your time and effort. It’s not passive income because work is required but you also don’t have to do everything yourself, hence, I call it leverage income.

I got the idea for this business when I was still trying to get into medicine myself. I sat the GAMSAT (which is the entrance exam for post-graduate medicine in Australia) and messed it up multiple times. It took me 3 goes over 3 years to actually get in. Over that time I learnt what worked and what didn’t for this exam and when I got in I wanted to share that knowledge with others.

So I created a free eBook with a bunch of my tips. People loved it, so I created another more detailed one and charged people for it. Then we added an essay review component and then another component and over time it grew into what it is now.

The biggest challenge was that it didn’t matter if I had the best product around, if not one knew about it or how good it was, it wasn’t going to sell.

Build it and they will come, right? Wrong.

Build it and you’ll sit around wondering what’s wrong with people while you waste more time and money creating things you think are awesome but nobody ever sees or cares about. There are billions of websites online – why and how will anybody come to yours and the give you money?

This applies to doctors too. These days I see endless conferences for doctors, tonnes of educational programs, products and medications – why would they go to or use yours?

That’s when I had to dive deep into learning about marketing. I bought courses, got mentors, travelled to learn from the masters, tested things, and spent literally tens of thousands of dollars (in the early years) learning this stuff. Luckily, for every dollar I put into my education in this area I got about 8 back. And that’s still true to this day.

This was all while studying medicine. So I’d be at uni all day, online at night, studying on Saturdays and Sundays I’d have off to rest. Plus I was going to the gym to stay in shape, trying to eat well and maintain an amazing relationship.

It was a lot to do!

Overtime, I stopped working in the hospital and focused on our business full-time. Well actually, not full-time because we were traveling internationally 6 months of the year. The leveraged nature of our business meant we could work from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection… and every café in Europe has one.

Now, 10 years later, hundreds of thousands of dollars of education, and millions earnt online, I’ve moved on from the GAMSAT.

It’s still an amazing business and we’ll continue to run it. It’s just that I love applying what I’ve learn to others. I’ve helped many businesses of the years, even been featured in a book teaching some of this, but it’s doctors I love helping the most.

I see so many of my friends and former colleague struggling. They’re time poor, stretched and stressed out. They have this incredible knowledge and skill, the desire to live an amazing life, to travel like we did, but not enough time or the relevant skills and knowledge to leverage it the way I did.

So I’m applying what I’ve learnt over the years to them. That way they can do what I did and live the life of their dreams.

If you’d like to see how this would apply to you, and how you can live the dream life, click here, enter your details and reserve one of my limited “Freedom For Doctors” consultation sessions.

I can only clear my schedule for a handful of these, so you’ll need to be quick.

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Tomasz Forfa

Tomasz Forfa

Dr Tomasz Forfa is an Australian Doctor-Entrepreneur whose purpose is to transform the face of Australian Medicine for the better. His vision for the future is one where Doctors are unafraid to push beyond the limits of their profession and break through the confines of the medical industry’s traditional methods and ways of thinking.