Want to attract more doctors to your business or organisation?

You’re not a doctor, or maybe you are, but you started following me mainly to see what we’re selling to doctors, how we’re attracting them with our marketing, and maybe get a few pointers on how you can do the same.

Hey, I get it. It’s all good… and I have something for you that you will love.

The majority of people who follow us are doctors, however, there is a percentage who are from other industries who are having a look, including:  

Accountants, lawyers, insurers, digital marketers, finance brokers, even some of the Colleges are following us, business coaches, other doctors who want to market and sell to their colleagues, people who employ doctors, app developers, corporates, sales reps, hospital admin, educators, and a bunch of others I can’t think of right now.

But I don’t see this as a problem. No.

In fact, I welcome it because I see it as an opportunity. We might be able to work together in a collaborative way.

Being a doctor myself, having many of them in my family and circle of friends, having run a business that creates doctors (PassGAMSAT), and the Doctors Collective (which works with them directly), as well as being a marketer and entrepreneur, I know the doctor niche inside and out.

To be honest, (in most cases) I know them even better than they know themselves. 

My team and I have more in depth conversations with more doctors on a daily basis than I’d say anyone else in the country. And have been doing so for years.

Our mission is to offer support and help that will drill down into the core things that allow our clients to be happy, fulfilled and satisfied people. Which means our calls and our work cuts through to the very things that motivate doctors, as a human being, the things that inspire them, that scare them, that frustrate them – the stuff most people are afraid to talk about – we go there.

It’s what we need to do to be able to really help them, and not just offer a superficial band aid solution. As a result, we know how to communicate with them in a powerful way and stand out from all the squabblers trying to get their attention.

So if you have a product or service that serves doctors and makes their lives better, then I might be able to help you in a number of ways, including:

– Where to put your ads to get their attention… other than the obvious things like expensive and competitive doctor magazines.
– How to stand out from your competition… doctors are forever being hassled by an endless line of salesmen and they hate it… You need to stand out.
– How to find the doctors who actually want what you have
– How to get past the gatekeepers and go direct to the doctor, no matter what specialisation, level of experience or seniority.
– How to get their time and have them listen to you… instead of pretending to listen while they do a thousand other things (we spent up to 1.5-2 hrs talking to doctors each time and instead of complaining, the buy our stuff)
– How to generate low cost and responsive doctor leads
– How to communicate so that they are more likely to buy what you offer… as long as it actually helps them.
– What are the do’s and don’t of marketing and selling to doctors
– How to quickly build rapport and credibility without needing to spend thousands on websites, branding or being a doctor yourself

Now, there are a few conditions. This isn’t just for everyone. We are only looking for a select group of partners who align with our mission.

You have to have a product or service that serves doctors.
You need to have experience in what you do – first time digital marketers need not apply.

So if you would like to attract more doctors, get the behind-the-scenes secrets to how we’re doing things, then let’s have a chat to explore this further.

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