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Great By Choice by Jim Collins

I started with the audio book of this and very soon had to get the hard copy because the content was so useful. I just wanted to highlight, circle and come back to my favourite parts over and over again.

The authors examine companies that outperformed competitors in their sector by at least 10 times. They call the 10X’ers. These are outstanding companies which, although being in different businesses, have similarities and habits which allowed them to perform so incredibly well.

The authors identify a handful of these habits and show how the 10X’ers used them, and more importantly, how you can apply them to your business.

Even though I read this book some time ago, I still have an image their ‘pyramid’ as the photo for my smart phone lock screen. It reminds me of lessons every time I reach for my phone. The pyramid brings together the major themes and habits of the 10X’ers into a cool little image.

Great by Choice Image

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