About Us

What is the Doctors’ Collective?

It is a movement dedicated to helping Australian doctors live their best lives.

We see a future where doctors in Australia:

  • Have guilt free time off to rest, to be with family and friends, and enjoy their hobbies.
  • Are healthy in body, mind and spirit
  • Can lead a normal life, if they choose.
  • Be paid fairly for the hard work they do.
  • Have the opportunities to work where their heart desires and where they are best suited.
  • Be able to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.
  • Can make the type of impact on the community that they crave.
  • Be treated with respect in the workplace, no matter what level of training.
  • Be safe at work.


Who is part of the Doctors’ Collective?

Essentially, any doctor who would love to experience our vision of tomorrow.


How can the Doctors’ Collective help me?

We help doctors:

  • Overcome burnout
  • Get more patients and leverage your time
  • Create more time in your life
  • Increase your income
  • Enjoy a better quality of life


How do I become part of the Doctors’ Collective?

To be part of it and hear more, enter your details by clicking here to start benefiting from the Doctors’ Collective.


About Us