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26 Mar 2021

Blink and the decision is made

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my writing idols. I recently started listening to his Podcast, Revisionist History, and I’ve been hooked ever since. The storytelling is enthralling and the topics are fascinating. I know his name because Malcolm has authored a number of books in the business niche – my

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23 Mar 2021

Bigger sheep do not make leaders

“We’re not actually going to do this, are we?” This is crazy. I love it” We were in a Sunshine Coast hotel conference room, after a massage, and my client was holding in her hands a new piece of marketing material. And a big smile on her face. There are

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11 Mar 2021

The unexpected business tip from a cheesy Vin Diesel movie

There’s a scene in the 2002 action movie with Vin Diesel called Triple X that’s stuck with me all these years. The movie itself was fun at the time but now is a bit cheesy and overdone. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone over 22. But there was a scene

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02 Mar 2021

Avoid the flying cows and listen to the aliens in a tornado

The first issue of one of my clients physical print newsletters just arrived in the mail. An orthopaedic surgeon based out of Brisbane who is competing is a saturated market place where most referrers have established networks. Plus she has a unique interest in two patient subgroups, recently had a

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25 Feb 2021

Why Facebook is winning the Aussie News Code negotiations

When I flicked open my Sydney Morning Herald website (directly from my browser, by the way) recently I was surprised to read about what was happening with Facebook and the Aussie news companies. Then I laughed and gave Facebook a hat tip. They are indeed a sophisticated, well-resourced, and shrewd

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16 Sep 2019

Want to add an extra 200-500K to your business?

Adding an extra $200-500K to your business… Big task? Not really. Not if you’re the right kind of person. Here’s what I mean, If you would rather keep doing what you’ve always been doing, and choose the discomfort of boredom, of not reaching your potential, or wondering what could have been…

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12 Sep 2019

Want to be a coach or consultant? Or grow your existing coaching business?

If you want to turn your existing skills and knowledge into lucrative coaching or consulting business, or if you’ve already started and want to get more qualified leads knocking down your door, be able to charge a premium for what you do and spend less time in the business… Then

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11 Sep 2019

Want to attract more doctors to your business or organisation?

You’re not a doctor, or maybe you are, but you started following me mainly to see what we’re selling to doctors, how we’re attracting them with our marketing, and maybe get a few pointers on how you can do the same. Hey, I get it. It’s all good… and I

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11 Sep 2019

My little Bogan toddler

My 2 year old, Ruby, just learnt a new phrase and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it… It’s absolutely cute, but also very Bogan, ay! Why is this a thing?  Well because my wife, Mare, and I came up to the Sunshine Coast for the winter. We’re

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