Where There’s a Will, There’s a Camera Pill

Rewind five years; I am sitting on the couch looking for something interesting to watch on TV before bed. I flick through the channels and there is a doctor introducing himself. He lays down and swallows a pill camera. I couldn’t divert my eyes from the screen as what I was seeing grabbed my attention.

What exactly was going on?

Now with that little cheat button on the remote I pressed information.

Inside a Stomach – Guts: The Strange and Mysterious World of the Human Stomach.

Here was a doctor so driven by his curiosity and intrigue that he was prepared to swallow a pill camera to understand digestion from a visual perspective. This doctor, wanting to uncover the truth and address his curiosity, was willing to be a human guinea pig. And thus, my introduction to Dr. Michael Mosley was founded. Well after this introduction, I simply had to find out more about Dr. Mosley and what other amazing information he was able to share.

When I first googled Dr. Mosley, my search results came up with the television broadcaster at BBC. Obviously, I had gotten it wrong. So, I went back to trusty old YouTube to find the video. Alas, it was the same person. His journey in the medical field was already so interesting. His education in medicine had steered him towards journalism and television production. So, who was Michael Mosley and why did he feel so compelled to swallow a pill camera?

Michael Mosley was born in India in a town called Kolkata. He studied Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at Oxford, which led him towards banking for two years. However, his aspirations to become a psychiatrist drove his decision to further study medicine. After graduating, like most things in life, he diverged from the path and instead moved into broadcasting at BBC.

What fascinates me the most about Dr. Mosley’s background was his drive to make an impact. We all strive to have a purpose, to know that our lives will have an impact. But it is Dr. Mosley’s drive not only to impact the medical field, but to those of all academic backgrounds that truly inspires me.

In 2011, Dr. Mosley began to incorporate some of his own medical issues into his work, The Brain: A Secret History, on the history of psychology and neuroscience. This documentary studied brain structure in psychopaths, in which he noted similar brain traits. In 2012, Dr. Mosley once again put his own medical information on the line in a documentary called, The Truth About Exercise. He delved into the dangers of sitting for prolonged periods of time and how certain genotypes can inhibit the significant benefits of endurance training that were seen in other participants. He put his own genotype on display and uncovered that with short-intense bursts of exercise training, his insulin response had greatly improved.

Following a documentary in 2012, Eat, Fast & Live Longer, in which Dr. Mosley made an appearance, he was credited with creating popularity in the 5:2 diet within the community. He has also been nominated for an Emmy and a BAFTA for broadcasting on the link between Helicobacter pylori and gastric ulcers that was discovered by Robin Warren and Barry Marshall, Australian Scientists. The British Medical Association also named him Medical Journalist of the Year in 1995.

Last month, as I was scrolling through my emails, one highlighted upcoming shows. In September, Dr. Mosley will be coming to Melbourne for a live Q&A. Naturally, I’ve already booked my tickets. Michael Mosley – Live on Stage. It will be interesting to see how his determination to uncover the truth conveys to a live presentation. I believe it is going to be as incredible as his documentaries thus far. It will be intriguing to understand how the pathways in medicine can lead to a career in broadcasting; in which high-impact information is presented to a diverse audience. No pressure Michael Mosley! Stay tuned to find out how it all went.

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Caitlyn Neale

Caitlyn Neale

Caitlyn Neale, aged 24, is a premedical student aspiring to become a paediatrician. She completed her Honours in Medical Science at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute in Melbourne, has a keen interest to incorporate fun and humour into medical practice; and strives to add this fun and humour to stressful and overwhelming situations while going about daily life.